As head of our corporate group and CEO of our companies I have the full authority and experience to lead our current businesses and establish new projects and partnerships.

Head of the Group Responsibilities

  • Long-term corporate planning 
  • Auditing and performance management
  • Marketing
  • Recognition and analysis of the feasibility of new ventures
  • Profit Enhancement
  • Provide local input in the preparation of business plans
  • Supervision of new projects with the aim that they meet the regulatory requirements of the local market
  • Recruitment and development of partnerships with serious players
  • Manage of partnerships
  • Preparation of the basis for agreements with financial institutions; negotiation and finalisation of these agreements to the client’s satisfaction.
  • Team management and monitoring the implementation phases;
  • Continuous performance monitoring of the ongoing projects and programs of Client
  • Visited and assessed potential projects – addressed all related issues prior to proposing the production and investment opportunity.
  • Managed trade and company acquisition – acted as advisor to several firms concerning appraisal of industrial investment
  • Major partner and CEO of our companies improving the net operating results and increased sales

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